Every year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18

That's one girl's dreams going dark every two seconds


Without ending child marriage, we won’t achieve 8 of the 17 SDGs

The Strongheart Group supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The time to take action is now



We're getting creative in our work to end child marriage. Sign up today and be part of this exciting project. More details coming soon!



We can only change the things we understand. Download our curriculum on child marriage, learn more, and share. Lead a workshop and teach your friends!



Stand with Sonita and declare a girl's right to choose if, when and whom she marries. Governments must enact and enforce laws to end child marriage. 

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Meet Sonita


Sonita was born in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime but grew up as an undocumented refugee in Iran where she faced forced marriage as a child. In an effort to express her pain and share her experience, she wrote “Daughters for Sale” and created a homemade music video, even though performing as a woman was illegal. The song caught fire around the world.

In 2015, Sonita was able to come to the United States thanks to the support of The Strongheart Group. She is now a high school student at Wasatch Academy. Her high school career has only fueled her activism, as she wants all girls to have the same opportunity to learn and pursue their interests. She's spent the past few years working with Strongheart, learning and becoming a spokesperson and advocate for girls everywhere.

During this time, Sonita and Strongheart have worked closely together on an integrated initiative to help end child marriage, collaborating with leading educators, artists, top NGOs, and global thought leaders.

Sonita has been broadly recognized for using her powerful lyrics as a catalyst for change:

  • Rolling Stone Magazine's 25 Under 25
  • Women for Afghan Women Human Rights Advocacy Award
  • BBC’s 100 Women of 2015
  • Foreign Policy Magazine’s 150 Global Thinkers of 2015
  • Together for Girls - 16 Global Heroes of 2016
  • Teen Vogue 10 Faces of Feminism
  • Asia Society Gamechanger Award 2017

Join Us to End Child Marriage

Project 15 Million —  Sonita has partnered with The Strongheart Group to spark a movement to end child marriage and give every child the chance to make their dreams into reality.

Strongheart uses the power of personal story to help solve the world’s most complex social issues and approaches Project 15 Million with years of experience learning how change happens. These are our goals:

1. YOUTH ASPIRATION: Inspire youth around the world to aspire to great things, reach for the future they imagine for themselves, and join other young changemakers in a collective effort to end child marriage.

2. YOUTH PARTICIPATION: Drive meaningful youth participation in key public-facing and high-level influencer events so that passionate young people and those impacted by child marriage are the ones informing policies and programs and sparking conversations everywhere.

3. EDUCATION: Expand both content and reach of our existing curriculum with students, families, and communities to open new dialogues about the far-reaching impact of child marriage.

4. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY: Channel youth participation and advocacy efforts to be heard by governments and governing bodies so that they prioritize their work to end child marriage in their countries and communities.